Yule Protection & Angelic Communication Kit

Yule Protection & Angelic Communication Kit


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    Kit Includes:
    Palo Santo Angel
    Angel Aura Quartz Tower
    Raw South African Smoky Quartz
    Raw Danburite

    Raw, natural danburite is some of my favorite raw stone to work with because of it’s incredible pure, angelic connection to source. They hold an incredibly high, but shockingly calming vibration. The combination of power, yet the peaceful nature of this stone is unsurpassed. This is an enlightenment stone, capable of being a master healing stone, so I recommend anyone that has a stone collection find a piece of this to use. The healing benefits are amazing. We have paired this with a sacred, sweet palo santo angel for protection and blessing in your sacred space, an angel aura clear quartz tower for amplifying the powerful energetic vibration and enhancing spiritual communication abilities, and a raw natural South African smoky quartz to transmute and absorb any leftover, old negative energy that exists around you.

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    Weight 1 oz

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