Tibetan Agate Bracelets for Grounding and Balanced Healing

Tibetan Agate Bracelets for Grounding and Balanced Healing


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    These Tibetan Agate bracelets are gorgeous grounding healing tools available for you! A balanced, gentle healing that works with time and steady growth. Because agate is a stone of calm grounding and stability, these bracelets pair very well with any other healing stone you should choose to wear daily. We have used Tibetan Agate for a couple of years now, but have never had it to offer our customers until now. Working with this stone has helped us understand what makes this stone special. When you compare it to normal agates, it has an added quirky quality of drawing near to you people that go well with your life and your path. For whatever reason, this is an exceptional stone for drawing in and aligning you with the things that serve you best.

    This listing is for one tibetan agate bracelet, stretchy in size and incredible unique. We will intuitively select one for you. Please know that any stone you purchase from us has been charged on our sacred altar space, recharged in the full moonlight, and cleansed with pure white sage before they are packaged and sent to you! You can shop with confidence, knowing that each stone has been hand selected and prepared for your use before you receive it!

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