Sodalite Polished Tumbled Stones for Sweet Dreams, Dispelling Nightmares, Refocusing and Clarity of Thoughts


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    Sodalite is one of the loveliest stones, great for children and pets as well! I keep a lot of sodalite around the bedrooms in my home because of its incredible usefulness. One of the sweetest stones you can possess, these are some of our all time favorite sleep stones, but are also incredibly powerful tools for aiding in clearing out the foggy energies and allowing you to think more clearly. Pair it with selenite of any shape or size, and clear quartz to amplify the energy! Bringing back focus into your life and your daily activities helps you to trust your own self intuition and improve your self esteem. For those who have been having issues waking up at night with night terrors, these are wonderful peaceful stones for making your sleep more spiritually protected. Messages from your spirit guides will be able to flow freely to you, and is the ultimate sleep state stone. A healer of the third eye chakra, these gentle yet powerful stones are perfect for enhancing your esoteric ability to communicate with your spirit guides.

    This listing is for one sodalite tumbled stone, approximately 0.75-1 inch in size. Each stone is packaged with one white sage leaf that can be used to clear energies before using. Please know that any stone you purchase from us has been charged on our sacred altar space, recharged in the full moonlight, and cleansed with pure white sage before they are packaged and sent to you! You can shop with confidence, knowing that each stone has been hand selected and prepared for your use before you receive it!

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