NEW Organic Practical Magic Tea Set with Stainless Steel Heart Infuser Ball

NEW Organic Practical Magic Tea Set with Stainless Steel Heart Infuser Ball


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    ALL SETS OF TEA ARE ORGANIC. We do not sell loose tea that is not organic.

    Stainless Steel Heart Tea Infuser Ball on Chain
    Organic Assam B.O.P. Black Tea
    Organic Rooibos Red Tea – Caffeine Free
    Organic Pu-erh Oxidized White Tea

    Organic Assam B.O.P. Black Tea – This small leaf (B.O.P.) Organic Black Tea has a delicious malty taste, and Assam has proven its superiority by consistently delivering a medium-bodied flavor. It makes the perfect breakfast tea, and the Broken cut makes it perfect for use in tea bags. Milk and sugar complement this tea well.

    Organic Rooibos Red Caffein Free Tea – Rooibos Tea is sometimes known as the red tea or redbush tea. The leaves undergo an oxidation process, and this process produces the distinctive reddish-brown color of rooibos, and enhances the flavor. It has a natural sweetness, with an earthy and rich flavor. Rooibos Tea is commonly prepared in the same manner as black tea, and milk and sugar (or stevia) can be added to taste. Other methods include a slice of lemon and using honey instead of sugar to sweeten. It tastes great both hot and as an iced tea. Caffeine-Free.

    Organic Pu-erh Oxidized White Tea – White buds from old Yunnan Pu’erh trees are used to create this delicate white tea. The leaves are fermented in the traditional style, but only using unopened fuzzy leaf buds. Pu-erh is the most oxidized form of tea and can mellow and improve with age like fine wine. The Pu’erh White Tea is very light in color with a subtle and agreeable flavor, with delicate notes of wildflower honey.

    Metaphysical Aspects of Using Your Tea Types In Your Healing Process:
    White – White teas are excellent for auric field balancing and cleansing. Protection, Psychic Abilities, Spirit Communication and Access to Higher Realms.
    Green – Green teas are wonderful for prosperity and abundance manifestation, as well as health, longevity, revitalization of your energy, and banishing negativity.
    Black – Black teas are very good at resolving and reducing feelings of hopelessness, depression and anxiety. They are good for balancing the mind, stimulating your ideas and creativity, and regulating energetic flow.
    Red – Promoting inner peace, dreamwork and shamanic pathworking. Rejuvenation, relaxation of the mind and life. Red tea (like Rooibos) has had many articles written about it’s uses as medicine magic all around the world.

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