Motherwort Dried Herb (Small) for PMS, Menopause, Reducing Anxiety, Stress Relief and Longevity

Motherwort Dried Herb (Small) for PMS, Menopause, Reducing Anxiety, Stress Relief and Longevity


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    You will be receiving one bag, approximately 3 inches x 3 inches filled with all natural, dried motherwort herb for herbal and magical use.

    Scientific Name: Leonurus cardiaca
    Motherwort herb is associated with the Planet Venus and Element Water.

    Motherwort is an herb used most commonly to reduce stress and anxiety. As the story goes, it is believed that there was a town that had a spring which ran through a patch of motherwort. The people of that town were very long living, reaching an average age of 100 or more, for they received all of their drinking water from the herb infused spring.An extremely protective herb for new mothers and pregnant women, motherwort is a stone that promotes trust and confidence, and helps one achieve a positive outcome in situations involving many complicated factors.

    There are several ways to use dried herbs:
    As a general idea of the ways in which you can use dried herbs in your own sacred space, consider placing them on a round charcoal disc and burning, creating a sachet of your favorite herbs to promote the intended purpose you are looking to achieve and placing it under your pillow or next to your bed, sprinkling herb on the top of candles, especially tealights, making a tincture, create a sachet to place in your clothing drawers or in other drawers throughout your home, placing it in into a mesh or teabag and adding to a warm bath, or using in an aroma or potpourri lamp along with a carrier oil.

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