Magical Sparkle Silicon Carbide Carborundum Specimen for Relieving Stress and Depression and Connecting With Higher Level Intergalactic Life Forms


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    We are so excited to be able to present to you a few of these silicon carbide SiC specimen for your consideration! An extremely rare mineral moissanite, found in very small quantities in meteorite, corondum and kimberlite.
    This is a man made crystal, discovered during the creation of diamonds. This gorgeous specimen has rainbow opticalization, sparkling from all angles in a wide array of colors. This crystal can be used in your metaphysical work to heal your seven chakras,removing blockages, purifying the mind, body and spirit. Carborundum allows the spirit to connect and communicate with higher level inter-galactic life forms, and to evolve to a more focused level. Hold this stone in your hands while you are meditating to relieve depression, stress or feelings of tension and anger.

    This listing is for one carborundum, raw stone, approximately 5-6 inches in length. Each stone is packaged with one white sage leaf that can be used to clear energies before using. Please know that any stone you purchase from us has been charged on our sacred altar space, recharged in the full moonlight, and cleansed with pure white sage before they are packaged and sent to you! You can shop with confidence, knowing that each stone has been hand selected and prepared for your use before you receive it!

    Please Note: You may or may not receive the same stone photographed depending on supply at the time of your order. We hand select all of our stones directly from our suppliers, going through and choosing the best that are available. However, they are all extremely unique, so they each have their own markings, qualities and imperfections. We do try to fulfill requests as closely as possible, based on the stones we have left.

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