Angel Aura Quartz Druzy Yule Penguins for Joy, Resilience and Adaptability

Angel Aura Quartz Druzy Yule Penguins for Joy, Resilience and Adaptability


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    These glittery aura bond druzy agate penguins are absolutely breathtaking! The addition of angel aura bonding to any stone yields precious metals that enhance spirit communication and clairvoyance abilities! This precious alchemical transformation makes me feel happy every time I lay eyes on it! These penguins come in two sizes, so pick which size you want! When you purchase, I will intuitively select one for you, since all are unique and different.
    Small 2-3 inches on average
    Large 3-5 inches on average
    Penguins are creatures that live where very few other animals could. Their ability to survive depends on their coordination and support of the group, as well as flexibility and adaptability. We could all use the help of this incredible totem animal in our lives, to remind us how important it is for our own prosperity that we support one another and adapt to the situation we are placed in, to the best of out ability and in the most positive of ways.
    The penguin you receive will be intuitively selected for you – it may not be one of the penguins you see pictured here. The picture depicts a sample of what they look like and their approximate size.

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