Add On Purchase: Custom Stone Scanning & Seering

Add On Purchase: Custom Stone Scanning & Seering


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    A custom add on that you can choose to add to any stone purchase valued at $20 or higher, we are offering a specialized crystal scanning where we will intuitively scan one of the stones you have purchased for hidden messages, symbolic images hidden within the patterning or striations of your stone, or messages that come to us esoterically while we meditatively focus on your stone. We will perform this scanning and seering and will hand write a small note to go along with your stone for any intentions that come to us for you.

    Please Note: This is not a private reading. This is an add on for those who were called to a particular listing and want to have us scan & seer their stone for individual messages. If you were drawn to this listing, it is likely that you are here for a reason. We do not perform this offering for any stones under $20 in cost. You will receive a small, handwritten note with a few words or sentences pertaining to our findings after your scanning. This will accompany your stone package. Please indicate, when you make your order, which stone you are wanting scanned.

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