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Green Hair Jasper Wands
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Green Aventurine Wands
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Clear Quartz Wands (Small)
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Blue Agate Orca Wands
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Selenite Wands with Fluorite Tips for Cleansing Your Space & Crown Chakra Healing
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Large Hematite and Galena Geodes for Pathworking and Past Life Regression Assistance
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Clear Quartz Optical Phantom Spheres for Manifesting Wishes & Psychic Development
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Black Obsidian Wands for Letting Go, Esoteric Protection & Healing Grief
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Sparkling Pyrite Suns for Summoning Personal Strength, Self Confidence, and Willpower
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Selenite Crystal Spheres for Full Moon Magic, Cleaning & Purifying Your Sacred Space & Seeking Higher Guidance 60-70 mm
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Black Obsidian Crystal Sphere for Divination, Scrying & New Moon Ritual Work
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Pure Selenite Wands for Purifying Your Sacred Space, Healing & Bringing Positive Energy
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