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Natural Golden Healer Hematoid Quartz for Clearing Blockages
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Yule Protection & Angelic Communication Kit
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Glittering Angel Aura Bonded Raw Black Tourmaline for Vibrant Protection & Shielding
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Raw Natural Fuschite Stone for Master Heart Healing
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Raw Natural Lepidolite Stones for Relieving Worries and Anxiety, Removing Negativity & Aiding In Times of Transition
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Natural Golden Healer Hematoid Quartz Raw Stones for Multi Level Healing, Clearing Blockages and Correcting Imbalances
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Raw Natural Chrysoprase Rough Stones for Heart Chakra Healing & Increasing Compassion
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Brown Zebra Jasper Natural Raw Rough Stones to Manifest Potential, Put Words Into Actions & Honor Your Wild Side
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Rough Raw Natural Chrysocolla for Throat & Heart Chakra Healing, Communication & Self Expression
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Natural Raw Amethyst Rough Stones for Peaceful Meditation, Crown Chakra Healing and Connecting to Higher Realms
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Amazonite Rough Raw Stones for Throat Chakra Healing, Transmuting Geomagnetic Stress & Speaking Truth
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Sparkling Pyrite Suns for Summoning Personal Strength, Self Confidence, and Willpower
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Magical Sparkle Silicon Carbide Carborundum Specimen for Relieving Stress and Depression and Connecting With Higher Level Intergalactic Life Forms
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Septarian Raw, Rough Natural Stones for Connecting to Ancient Wisdom, Self Healing and Personal Transformation & Throat Chakra Healing
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Pure Selenite Wands for Purifying Your Sacred Space, Healing & Bringing Positive Energy
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Raw Grade AA Emerald Gemmy Stones from Brazil for Unlocking Ancient Wisdom and Prosperity
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Raw Rough Natural Blue Apatite Stones for Throat Chakra Healing and Controlling Our Urges
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Dalmation Jasper Polished Gemstones for Connecting with Animals and to Dispel Negativity
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