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Blue Agate Palm Stones for Peaceful Grounding
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Brown Aragonite Palm Stones for Providing Insight, Anger and Stress Relief
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Lepidolite Palm Stones for Stress and Anxiety Reduction
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Cherry Creek Jasper Spheres for Radiating Insight and Balance
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Unakite Coins for Self Healing
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Tiger Eye Pipes for Ceremonial Protection and Grounding
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Tibetan Agate Bracelets for Grounding and Balanced Healing
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Mongolian Gobi Desert Agate Bracelets for Facilitating the Shift
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Multi Rutilated Quartz Bracelets for Discerning Energy and Magnifying Vibrations
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Que Sera Towers for Acceptance and Peaceful Discernment
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Charoite Rectangle Bracelets: The Soul Stones for Understanding Past Lives and Crown Chakra Healing
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Grossularite Garnet Bracelets for Abundant Root & Heart Chakra Work
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Add On Purchase: Custom Stone Scanning & Seering
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Kambaba Jasper Towers for Shaman Protection & Comfort
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Unakite Jasper Towers for Third Eye Awakening & Safe Pregnancy
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Natural Golden Healer Hematoid Quartz for Clearing Blockages
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African Bloodstone Towers for Healing Your Root Chakra
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Orthoceras Fossil Heart Dishes for Ancient Wisdom
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Angel Aura Rainbow Palm Stones for Happiness & Joy
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Angel Aura Quartz Spheres for Holiday Cheer
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