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We ship using USPS Priority Mail boxes, because they are tracked and insured. We charge $7.50, $13 and $18 respectively, for the small, medium and large USPS boxes. In 2019, the USPS raised their flat rate prices. We have chosen as a company to keep our rates the same to help our customers.

We ship orders on Monday & Tuesday each week. If you have purchased products during one of our LIVE sales, we will combine them with your website purchases and will refund the overage in shipping cost.

Due to combining packages that you may have ordered during a LIVE sale with the website orders, we do not offer additionally expedited shipping at this time. 

Please be sure to double check your address for shipping. We print and ship using the Paypal shipping label system, which uses the default address you have on your profile. We have no ability to modify your address. 

Order Processing 

Once you place your order on our website, you will receive an order confirmation email. If you ordered during a LIVE sale, please ensure that you have sent us your email address. You should receive your invoice within a few hours of the end of the LIVE sale, and you have 24 hours to complete your purchase. 

On shipping days (Monday & Tuesday typically) you will receive an email from Paypal stating that your order has shipped and providing you with the tracking code. Please feel free to keep an eye on your tracking so you know when to expect your package to arrive. During the holidays, packages are more frequently stolen on door steps, so please keep this in mind as once the USPS has marked a package as delivered, they are no longer liable for it. For website orders, you will also receive an email from Paypal first, stating that your package has shipped and providing you with the tracking code. We will also submit the tracking code to your account here on the website and update your order within 24 hours of shipping it out to you. This can take a bit longer during the busy season. 


All sales are final. We do not accept returns.

We do not allow cancelled orders, item put backs/exchanges or requests to trade/switch items. This is the same for LIVE sales, as well as online website purchases. If an item has arrived damaged, please take photos of the box it arrived in, as well as the item with its damage and send them to our customer service email address invoice@practicalmagicstore.com, or send us a message on our Facebook Business page. 

Customer Support Email Address - invoice@practicalmagicstore.com 

Phone Number: 541-702-1777 

Quickest response is sending a message using Facebook Business Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

My package says delivered but it's not here?

Please check the default address you have on Paypal and ensure that you have entered it correctly. If all looks correct, and it did not arrive to you, please reach our to the USPS and file a missing package case with them directly. We have no way of influencing or correcting errors related to USPS package delivery service. 

My order still says processing? 

Please remember we send out packages Monday and Tuesday each week for the prior week to allow for order combining. It can take us a bit to update your tracking code on the website portal, but please check your email for your tracking code sent to you from Paypal first.

My tracking code says, Pre Shipment Info Sent to USPS? 

The package is likely already at the USPS facility and is awaiting being scanned and sorted. It can take 24 hours for updates to start coming through the USPS tracking system. 

I received a refund? 

We always include a note inside your Paypal refund detailing the nature of the refund. The invoice is also sent along with your order showing what changes have been made. Sometimes an item goes out of stock, so we may have to issue a refund to you. We also routinely combine shipping if possible and refund overages you may have paid in shipping cost.

Should I file a dispute with Paypal? 

Please do not file disputes with Paypal if you have received an item damaged or missing in transit, or you have not seen your tracking code come through. Once a dispute has been opened, we have to go through a delayed process and will not be able to process your order, ship anything, or resolve the issue until the case has been closed in Paypal. We have an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, so please contact us via sending a message to our Facebook Business Page (the fastest way to get a response) or sending an email to our customer service at invoice@practicalmagicstore.com so we can work with you directly.

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