So for everyone (not just all the Gemini in the room LOL) tonight the full moon is in Gemini. Gemini is an air element sign ruled by Mercury. I love my Gemini friends, but you have so much going on beneath the surface! Gemini truly resonate diversity. They can look at anything from every angle possible, and they are living proof that you can have more than one opinion on a topic. I have had a very best friend Gemini for most of my life, and it’s a wild ride! Hot and cold, up and down. We fight like siblings. We both love and hate eachother at the same time. Gemini are the most dualistic personalities in the cosmos. Tonight is the last full moon of the decade. This is our Cold Moon. The moon nearest to Yule and the end of the year. Remember, during the full moon we say thank you for all that has already been fulfilled throughout the month. During the new moon, we ask and make our intentions. The new moon is our time to manifest. I think it is important to recognize the magical properties of this Gemini full moon tonight, however, because they are the alchemists. Gemini are particularly good at physically manifesting their aspirations and goals. Like a Gemini, tonight and in the coming days, you may find yourself really feeling prompted to speak your truths about your thoughts on different topics. Take a pause, before you do, and probably consult with your agate, moonstone, and aquamarine, before you put those words out there into the open. Communication is actually a strong suit for a Gemini, but their ability to pivot on a dime can prove to be more challenging, as their unburdening can sometimes cause anger, outbursts and fights. It’s important to also consider other factors that are at play in our cosmos at this present moment, like the alignment of Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Because these three planets are perfect representations of passion, strong feelings, commitments and communication, it is likely that you should expect someone close to you, if not you yourself, to delve right into communication that will keep you up many hours talking about your feelings, your aspirations/goals/desires and expectations of one another. The arrangement of all the planetary players right now has a lot of emotions high – feelings of not knowing enough, not being worthy, make us pay attention to our own insecurities and limitations. These slightly negative emotions can actually be healthy for us if we can harness them and transform our way of thinking to understand that there is more to learn, and learning in itself is a huge benefit. Asking for and taking the advice of those that have more experience in a subject matter can actually be rewarding and positive. It’s hard to admit when we are wrong, and when we don’t know enough. If we can keep in mind that its our personal responsibility to work on ourselves and to learn from the past, which was definitely a powerful message coming from last month’s moon, we can care for our own selves and move forward to manifest our goals into actualities. This is extremely important this time of year, as even if not intentionally, we are all setting goals and establishing aspirations of what we want to accomplish in the new year.

The most key notes that I could share for this moon is that we need to establish responsibility for what we say and do. It’s great to say all the things that we are feeling, but we need to take responsibility for the outcome and how it makes others feel. It’s time to learn new things, move into a new chapter in our lives. Some thing, relationships, career paths, etc., may not be going along to the new chapter. It’s okay. Let it sit with you. Feel the changes. Celebrate them. Grieve the loss. It’s okay to start new learnings, as long as we do so in the knowledge that everything takes time. We all hold within us the magic of manifestation power. Accessing it is different for each person. For some, its easy because it’s on the edge of our subconscious mind, waiting to be called up and put into fruition. For others, it’s deeply recessed and needs to be uncovered. Ask and you shall receive. Before you go to bed tonight, hold some personal mental space for where your personal power has been hiding itself. Is it being kept safe by your spiritual guides, your ancient ancestors, bundled and carefully waiting for you? It is my believe that your guides, are waiting there, so close to you that you could almost touch them, and hoping that you will ask them to deliver you with their wisdom and unpackage your powers and gifts so that you can use them to their highest and best potential. It’s all about accessing and taking your power back. This is the time, with all the things in the proper alignment in the cosmos, for you to call up your gifts and ask them to serve you. I wish you all, delivery of your gifts, prosperity and materialization of your manifestations, the gift of humble grace and to step out of the shadow of yourself that you have been operating in. You belong in the light, holding your gifts like guiding lanterns, and illuminating others with them. You are your own personal vessel. The most powerful magic tool in your arsenal is yourself. Hold space for her (or him). In all your imperfections. They are not scars or wrinkles. They are beautiful lines of growth. They are paths that represent journeys that you have taken. Embrace all that is. All that is to be. And all that has been. Love in the Light. Xxx Carly and all of us at Practical Magic.