Throat Chakra

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Blue Tiger Eye Coins
Blue Goldstone Coins
Blue Goldstone Pillow Palms
Save 20%
Lepidolite Mini SpheresLepidolite Mini Spheres
Save 57%
Blue Apatite Tumbled StonesBlue Apatite Tumbled Stones
Save 25%
Lepidolite Tumbled StonesLepidolite Tumbled Stones
Blue Goldstone Mini HeartsBlue Goldstone Mini Hearts
Lepidolite Coins
Blue Goldstone Tumbled StonesBlue Goldstone Tumbled Stones
Save 11%
Ruby in Kyanite Tumbled StonesRuby in Kyanite Tumbled Stones
Save 40%
Black Moonstone Tumbled StonesBlack Moonstone Tumbled Stones
Aquamarine Tumbled StonesAquamarine Tumbled Stones
Save 25%
Septarian Tumbled StonesSeptarian Tumbled Stones
Save 29%
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones
Raw Blue Calcite
Blue Lace Agate Tumbled StonesBlue Lace Agate Tumbled Stones
Blue Aqua Obsidian Smooth StonesBlue Aqua Obsidian Smooth Stones
Save 20%
Blue Tiger Eye Mini SpheresBlue Tiger Eye Mini Spheres
Save 25%
Dumortierite Quartz Tumbled Stones
Blue Tiger Eye Tumbled StonesBlue Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones
Clear Quartz Emma Eggs Seer Stones
Hemimorphite Stone BraceletsHemimorphite Stone Bracelets
Peruvian Blue Opal Tumbled Stones
Save 20%
Aquamarine and Morganite Bracelets (4-7mm)

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